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Consumers Energy Community Street & Boulevard Tree Planting Grant Program

Consumers Energy Company- Forestry Operations Department has established the Community Street & Boulevard Tree Planting Grant Program. The purpose of this program is to assist local municipalities with tree planting projects that focus on appropriate selection of tree species and planting locations on public streets and/or boulevards.  The Grant Program is available only to municipalities within the Consumers Energy Electric Service area. This is a reimbursement Grant Program requiring application approval and project completion within the dates specified for the calendar year.  Michigan Forestry and Park Association administers the Grant Program on behalf of Consumers Energy- Forestry Operations Department.


black locust, tree of heaven, Norway maple, flowering pear, black alder, Russian olive

For calendar year 2023, the application deadline is July 14, 2023. Approved projects need to be completed and required proofs and paperwork submitted by November 10, 2023.  Program details can be found in the Application Package below, along with samples of a completed application.  The possible Grant reimbursement for 2023 is $200.00 per approved tree up to a maximum per municipality of $3000.00 (15 trees).


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